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a 2012, 87 mins
a film by Bill Mousoulis  


Wild and Precious
Sinema, Greece, September, 2012.


Athens in Crisis is the backdrop for the adventure of an Italian man for his political life in Greece, as well as his personal life in Italy.

"I'm a Nowhere Man, in this Nowhere Land". This statement marks the beginning of Wild and Precious, which unveils an Athens of rioting, of crisis, of social unrest. It comes from the mouth of Giulio Figurelli. Whoever sees the film will probably think they know him from somewhere. The Italian, a director himself, who has lived in Greece for over 6 years, is a known face in Athens. Probably, you would have seen him roaming around the Athens International Film Festival, with a camera, filming interviews and discussions with directors, but also perhaps at demonstrations. The festival, in fact, was the place Figurelli and director Bill Mousoulis first met, in 2008. "I was struck by his presence. He has a passion and spirit which is fascinating. And, indeed, he has a very charismatic face", says the Greek-Australian Bill Mousoulis, an experienced director with many films under his belt.

The film is not a documentary however. It is a fiction with documentary elements. Figruelli on the one hand roams around Athens to participate in a significant social change, and on the other hand we see him travelling to Italy to reconnect with his ex-wife and child. Simultaneously, an Australian TV producer tries to hire him to shoot scenes of riots in Athens. With few words, the personal adventures of this "guest" in Greece are tied to the politicals of this important historical moment.

"Figurelli believes in a better and revolutionised Greece, and does what he can for that" - Bill Mousoulis