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a 2012, 87 mins
a film by Bill Mousoulis  

The Melbourne daily newspaper The Age has dubbed Bill Mousoulis "an independent film legend". Renowned film critic Adrian Martin has labelled him "a visionary".

Bill Mousoulis is one of Australia's most prolific filmmakers, having made over 100 films in 30 years, including 9 features, of which Wild and Precious is the latest one. Other features include Desire (1999), Lovesick (2002), Blue Notes (2006) and A Nocturne (2007), which screened at various film festivals in Europe in 2008. 

Mousoulis also founded the organisation Melbourne Super-8 Film Group in 1985, the online film journal Senses of Cinema in 1999, and the website Melbourne Independent Filmmakers in 2003.

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